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No Dripping, Leaking or Spraying of sea water into the bilge as the conventional "stuffing box" - cruise without concern of the packing nut or check nut loosening.

The "Cast Bearing Bronze" housing is made for direct replacement of a "stuffing box" and maintains concentricity of the lip seals to the shaft.

No adjustments needed!  Cruise with this maintenance-free shaft seal for many years.

No water needed for cooling - A self-contained oil supply lubricates the seals, shaft and bearing surfaces with almost no friction or wear.  The oil level can be visually checked in the reservoir.

The oil seals, selected for this use, have a proven history in machinery, automobiles, aircraft, etc. - there are similar seals in your boat engine, transmission, pumps and accessories.  This propeller shaft seal design was developed using existing, proven technology.

Feel comfortable leaving your boat unattended for long periods of time.  There will be no dripping of water into your bilge.  The bilge pump will not pump oily water from the bilge, which can result in a fine.

cut-away illustration of Propeller Shaft Seal
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