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51 days until Opening Day- is your boat ready? Get our mini-checklist!

Just a few days left until Boating Season opens!

Are you and your boat ready for the season?

When was the last time you double checked your Norscot is ready to set sail?
We pride ourselves on being low maintenance, so there are only a few things to do when you are getting your Norscot ready for Opening Day and beyond.


  1. Check the fluid level and general condition of your system before heading out on the water. 
    Check your ATF fluid level in your reservoir and fill it to near the top if low.  After filling, put a piece of masking tape to mark the fluid level line and monitor how much ATF is used during your upcoming season. Average ATF usage is a quarter to a half of the 1-pint reservoir.  
  2. Annually, wipe around the reservoir, down the tubing and around the housing using a rag to see if there is any visible ATF leakage. 
    If you see ATF on the rag, first check the clear tubing connection points at the bottom of the reservoir and top of the bronze housing. 
  3. Check the condition of the tubing.
    If tubing is cracked or old, you can order a new piece at our website. You can also double up on the tubing clamps (2 per connection point) also available at our website. Finally, if you find leaking at either of the tubing connection points or are replacing old or damaged tubing, ensure a solid connection by applying the nipple of the reservoir and barbed brass fitting on top of the housing, Rector Seal #5 pipe thread sealant and before reattaching the tubing.  

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