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Local Power Boat Enthusiast uses Norscot on his Classic Wooden Boat

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Pictures and details of the restoration of my 19' 1953 CC Racing Runabout



I purchased this hull and trailer project in 2001 and completed the restoration in 2005.  The boat was replanked bottom and sides and then a "tahoe" bottom was fitted prior to my purchase of the boat.  The bottom is fiberglassed up to the waterline and the raw edge of the glass is letted into the wood so it becomes invisible in the transition.  This type of bottom is popular in Lake Tahoe because of their very stable dry environment and most boats are always pulled out of the water after use.  This suits my use well even here in the ever changing Pacific Northwest environment because I keep the boat dry on it's custom bunk trailer year round.  No soaking required prior to use is wonderful!  The boat is tight and doesn't leak a drop!  It is mandatory with this style of bottom to keep the inside dry so I have utilized a Norscot Dripless Shaft Seal on the prop shaft to eliminate any water infiltration from that potential source.
Alan Thomle of Thomle Boatworks installed the deck planking, replaced the upper transom plank and 2 planks on the starboard side to complete the wood work during the restoration.  The deck employs a layer of thin plywood over the deck beams and then each plank is cut at each seam and epoxied to the plywood for an extremely strong diaphragm deck section.  This makes the boat very strong and minimizes movement throughout.  This is done in such a way that it looks "as original". 
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