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Norscot Shaft Seal Kit - 1  1/8" shaft

Norscot Shaft Seal Kit - 1 1/8" shaft

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The Norscot Shaft Seal is a mechanical shaft seal consisting of 3 nitrile rubber stainless steel spring loaded lip seals press fit into a marine grade bronze housing. Part of our effective design is having a close tolerance between the finished dimensions of the shaft, housing bore and lip seal which gives Norscot a greater level of security. 

The shaft is bathed in ATF transmission fluid within the housing which lubricates the seals by a weeping action when the shaft is spinning. Being an independent system allows Norscot to run properly no matter what the conditions are in your engine area. A superior lubricant like ATF in this application allows for longer seal life. 

The stationary housing is attached to the vessels stern tube by a 2 ply soft walled wet exhaust hose and 4 hose clamps. The log hose allows for the Norscot housing to “float” with the shaft reducing misalignment and vibration problems.